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Picking Apples

It has been one very abundant summer with lots of fruit and vegetables sprouting out of the garden. Even now as the leaves begin to turn we still have fruit that needs picking and some of those stumpy apple trees seem to have grown rather tall in the last few years. No wobbly ladders for us, instead a nice long willow apple picker.
Jane picking apples
Jane in action
Geoff Forrest apple picker 1
I made one of these several years ago and it lies under an overhang outside the workshop. Recently I did a course for an orchard group and this seemed like an applicable thing to make.

They are quite fun to make, I start mine with a mouthwale followed by French randing but you can start with pairing and then single rod randing. If you decide on the single rod randing method make sure you have an odd number of uprights as it is a lot easier. Eleven or twelve uprights will do from six foot rods, I use a small wooden former, remember to leave the butt ends long as they become the tines that actually hook the apples. A few ties on a long pole and the job’s done, now catch your apple!
Geoff Forrest apple picker 2
Geoff forrest apple picker 3