Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Size of a Cow

A very excited young woman turned up at my workshop at the end of last year to tell me all about an exhibition she had just been working on, The Droving Project. It seemed to involve filming a group of cows being herded along an old droving road and ending up in our local village. Film, music, with an accompanying exhibition and now she was looking for someone to make cow lanterns, as big as possible for a procession?
After she left I looked at the card she had given me and started seeing large willow cows dancing in front of my eyes. The size of a cow….?

The art department at Doon Academy is littered with bits of willow from the times I have made things for exhibitions and events with the students. The after school art group volunteered to help, and between us we began to create a series of cows of varying shape and size. Bemused staff watched me hauling willow carcases through the building each week, reassuringly commenting ‘it’s a cow’.

We finally completed six cows which resplendent in LED lights paraded their way through the streets of Dalmellington to the sound of enthusiastic drumming. The parade finished with one of the most magical fire performances I have ever seen.