On the Rails

The 27th of September 2014 sees the opening of This Beloved Earth, an exhibition of baskets and fibre weaving at the Barony in West Kilbride. As part of the build up to the exhibition, and to draw attention to its content, Lise Bech decided to organise a weaving session to decorate the railings outside the Barony building.
Barony 25.9.14 2
Lise asked me to join her for one of the days, which was a great excuse to do something I have not done for several years i.e. plaster some railings in willow. When I arrived on the Thursday there had already been a group the day before making some stunning architectural designs to highlight those of the building. My brief was to make something 3D giving the impression of rolling hills.
Barony 25.9.14 3
At the other end waves were appearing with the obligatory fish and some boats.
Barony 25.9.14
The Scottish Basketmakers’ Circle will have their AGM and Autumn meet at the Barony in October when some of the artists and makers involved in the exhibition, such as Lise Bech, Mary Butcher, Joe Hogan and Barbara Ridland will be in attendance. It is hoped work will continue on the railings during this time.

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