Tree Nursery

Over the years I have made various structures for St Ninian’s Nursery, starting with a living willow dome, followed by ‘fedges’, tunnels, and ‘twigwams’. What was once an open area of bare grass is now an exciting play space with added tyres, sand pits and growing areas. However a recent school inspection felt that there was not enough natural material in the classroom, despite the fact the children use their outdoor classroom on a daily basis!

So there was nothing to do but take the outside inside.

Tree St Ninians

A tree trunk den was the commission, small enough to fit in the classroom but big enough for several small persons to sit inside.

Tree St Ninians

I made most of the structure outside, well it was too nice to be indoors.

Tree St Ninians

Finally we lifted it through the double doors, just about fitted, and I finished off the detail in the classroom. Suffice to say things began moving in before I even finished, there were a few teddies resident when I crawled in to trim off.

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